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Home Automation Companies in Bangalore

Gadzets Pro is one of the best Home Automation Companies in Bangalore which are top suppliers and installations of Home Automation from various leading brands for complete home security solutions. We prefer high-quality standards of home automation, which are tested, upgraded to modern security features. We are experts in providing the best products of home automation systems that address the requirements of the people.

Home Automation Key Features

  • Sensors
  • Mood Lighting
  • Relay Units
  • Security and Camera
  • Main Gateway
  • Climate
  • Access
  • Sirens
  • Shade Control

Home Automation

Security: Make your home a safer and smarter place by controlling everything from the lock, to Lights to sett custom security modes that suit your lifestyle. Get the instant status of all Security sensors and view your camera from anywhere. Video door phones helps you see and talk to anyone at the front door.

Lighting Control: Facilitates controlling lights to switch on, off or dim, regardless of where you are, which in turn enables power saving. This feature also allows motion, door and window sensors, and locks to control lighting. For example, Automatic Power on/off/dim is based on the occupancy status of the room.

Real-Time Event Alerts: Alerts through text messages, emails, and videos on simple but important information such as child’s arrival from schools, heater not switched off, and more; and also about the recent security and sensor updates.


  • Lighting
  • Thermostat
  • Locks

Energy Management: Insight of real-time energy usage is provided through CC Energy Monitor, interactive web tools. It enables you to monitor, measure, manage, and control lighting, appliances, and HVAC systems, and energy usage in every room and area. Generate separate reports for building, floor, room, and devices at different time scales.

Key Features

  • Smoke Detector
  • Heat Detector
  • CO2 Detector
  • Motion Detector
  • Key Fab
  • Remote Key Fab
  • Control Panel
  • Sensors
  • Internal Siren
  • External Siren

Scenes and Schedules: This user-controlled design and lifestyle elements can be programmed to fit a family’s moods, activities or schedule. Using lighting scenes in a smart lighting or home automation systems simplifies you to activate scenes with one-button commands, or even better, based on preset schedules.

Scenes are not just restricted to lighting alone; combining lighting scenes with temperature settings, security systems or home theater activities is also possible.

Climate Control

  • Control your HVAC or Split AC from a remote location, the “Cool” scenario concept.
  • On your way back home and find your house cooled to the preferred temperature.
  • By the time you reach, schedule your curtains to close at moon and help keep the house cool and conserve energy.

User Management: Privileging family members with an individual user profile for their frequently used devices and empower them with an easy access to manage lights appliances, HVAC and more user setup capabilities deliver targeted views of data to building occupants tenants for improved energy management.

Gadzets Pro presents the complete Home Automation solutions for your home security with various features including wireless easy to install at cost effective.

Book Now from the best Home Automation Companies in Bangalore! We are here For Superior Quality Standard that Enables Great Efficiency.


Jithesh Kumar

Managing Director





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